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BarterSaves Helps Business Owners Save Cash, Get New Customers & Create an Extra Revenue Stream.

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Make the Most of Barter

BarterSaves members use trade to help them save cash on personal and professional expenses in dozens of ways.

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BarterSaves enables businesses to increase revenue and profits
by filling excess down time or selling unsold inventory.

Grow your business

Generate additional sales from brand new customers and loyal existing customers that are eager to buy what your business offers!

Become discoverable

Check out the BarterSaves promotional videos to understand the benefits of joining the BarterSaves network. Do business smarter, use barter!

Save Your Cash

Acquire everything you need to run your business or your personal life by using BarterSaves trade dollars instead of cash for the goods and services you desire!

Meet the BarterSaves Team

BarterSaves has expanded into Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. Our exchange is growing to serve you even better.

How To Barter At A Restaurant

Eat smarter use your barter! Using your BarterSaves card is quick and easy. Watch this video demonstration on how to do it!

Special Edition of G$ and the Godmother

In this special edition René and George discuss the benefits of bartering with BarterSaves. Are you a business owner hungry to grow your business? Watch this podcast and learn how you can save cash and get a competitive advantage. Watch and review the reasons to join!


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