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Learn how barter can give your business the competitive advantage you're looking for. Grow your business, save cash and leverage BarterSaves to bring your business to the next level.

BarterSaves acquires BarterFirst International

BarterSaves, New Jersey's largest independently-owned Barter Exchange has gotten even bigger! On January 9, 2023 the company acquired BarterFirst International based out of Florida, serving businesses in Orlando and the surrounding area for over 25 years. BarterSaves now boasts an expansive membership of over 2,300 members in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia and now Florida.

New Jersey Based BarterSaves Expands To 2,000 Members Across 4 States, D.C.

Despite the influx of negative economic news about inflation and an upcoming recession, we have great news for local businesses! New Jersey’s largest independently-owned barter exchange, BarterSaves, has expanded its network by recently joining forces with Barter Depot and both exchanges are now under one umbrella, known as the BarterSaves Trade Exchange.

BarterSaves Becomes New Jersey’s Largest Barter Network After The Acquisition Of Barter Systems, Inc.

BarterSaves is now New Jersey's largest independently-owned Barter Exchange. In August 2021, the company acquired BarterSystems Inc. serving businesses in the Mid-Atlantic for more than 40 years. With the stroke of a pen, BarterSaves now boasts an expansive membership of over 1,300 members in New Jersey, Maryland, Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia.


In this special report, Kimberly Jade talks with BarterSaves members about how they're thriving through difficult times by using BarterSaves. Watch and see the reasons to join!

Jersey Matters - René Ackerson President of BarterSaves

Larry Mendte sits with René Ackerson President and Founder of BarterSaves. A company that is about helping people save their cash, get new customers and using a solution that gives them financial leverage to enable a significant competitive advantage in the business world.

BarterSaves brings back old concept to help small business owners during coronavirus

An old concept is making its way back in today’s ever-changing business world during the coronavirus crisis.

BarterSaves, based in Eatontown, is helping local small business owners by giving them an opportunity to save cash, while acquiring the products and services they need for their business or personal life.

BarterSave$: Leverage Offered to Business Owners, SAVE cash today, it's easy and FREE to enroll!

During this time of uncertainty, you can be certain that with BarterSaves, you will gain the opportunity to experience valuable business networking, save business dollars, and grow your customer base! When the pandemic passes you will be better positioneed to maximize your opportunities!


Rene Ackerson is the president and Co-Founder of the BarterSaves trade exchange, the area's preferred barter network. She co-founded the business with her husband George. Together they have 6 kids and are the official "Barter Bunch." Rene is passionate about helping local business owners increase their purchasing power through the barter exchange and generate additional cash flow from new customers.


Rene Ackerson owns BarterSaves in Eatontown, Asbury Park and Belmar. Q: When did you decide you wanted to be an entrepreneur? Ackerson: I decided that I wanted to be an entrepreneur in college. It took me a while to figure out what the specific business was that I was going to start. After college I worked for an internet company in New York City until September 2001. After the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, I moved back home to the Jersey Shore and started working at the Asbury Park Press as a senior account executive.