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BarterSaves offers a digital version of “word of mouth” exposure!

There are 3 ways to grow your business through significant sales, 1) New Customers, 2) More Transactions from Returning Customers, and 3) Larger Transactions from New and Returning Customers!

BarterSaves is a community of local business owners who engage and leverage one another within the BarterSaves network using trade dollars, which enables business owners to buy from and sell to one another without spending cash. BarterSaves manages the trade dollars, but the transactions are fueled by the members. Becoming a member of BarterSaves is totally free to join. Members only pay a small monthly fee and when they choose to transact with one another. The result is universally positive: New customers, and better cash flow. Customers you gain through BarterSaves are typically new customers that you didn't have before. Since they are business owners like you, they are more loyal than customers looking for heavily discounted daily deals.

Immediately after your business becomes a member of BarterSaves, your business is exposed to an exclusive marketplace of member businesses. Your business can leverage the mobile and desktop web to sell and promote the products and services you offer. Additionally, other businesses will be able to easily discover your business through convenient search functions at www.bartersaves.com and BarterSaves will start to electronically promote key features of your business to entice other business owners who need the products and services you sell. When you become a member of BarterSaves, we’ll make our social and alternative marketing services get to work for you in a premium way that will organically help your business create leverage to sell more and keep more of the money that you generate.

Imagine a mobile and desktop web experience that actually helps you sell more of your goods. That is what BarterSaves is all about. Within the BarterSaves digital portal, you will have a destination location where you can tell all the other like-minded member businesses about what you do, how to contact you, what you sell - whether daily goods - your excess inventory - and unused time, and of course what you are interested in buying. Essentially, BarterSaves becomes your local marketplace to easily facilitate business relationships in which you can conveniently manage. All your transactions can easily be performed via the mobile experience, website, email or phone call to your dedicated account manager. Those numerous options give you the ability to accept business while giving you total and complete control of your selling and buying experience. That functionality gives you the power to pre-qualify people who will buy from you and who you can sell to…without wasting your valuable time!